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Start Your Day at the Counter Cafe

3 January 2009 1,904 views One Comment

signsThe Counter Cafe is the kind of place that makes you feel like a regular the first time you walk through the door.

I was craving real eggs the other day. The kind that come from local hens and were picked within 24 hours from their warm nest.

Don’t you agree that these types of eggs should have a different name than the one you buy in the cold section at the grocery store? The yolks are vibrant, the taste is more flavorful, and the cooked eggs are fluffy and light.

ericThe menu is wonderfully small, simple, and local. Ingredients are organic when possible and feature comfort food like a fried-egg sandwich, biscuits, crab cakes and eggs, hanger steak and eggs and more.

I didn’t get lunch and couldn’t find their menu online so if you have a favorite lunch dish, please share in the comments section.

The Counter Cafe is as much about history and atmosphere as it is about the food. The building dates from 1957 when it was a Toddle House.

bfastAccording to Wikipedia, Toddle House was a 24-hour national restaurant chain founded in Memphis in 1932 that specialized in breakfast.

Each outlet was tiny and contained a short counter with a row of ten stools. Payment was on the honor system.

In 1962, Toddle House was purchased by Dobbs Houses, a competitor which owned Steak ‘n Egg Kitchen. This location became GM Steakhouse for many years.

Debbie Davis saw the potential in the building after GM Steakhouse shut its doors. She opened Counter Cafe in April 2008. The entire building debbie(including the back and the bathrooms) is 700 square feet. Counter Cafe seats 26 and is generally a walk-in business but Debbie will sometimes take reservations for larger parties.

Eric is the kind and hard working chef who treats each customer as if they are an old friend. It’s a joy to sit at the mesquite bar and watch him make hotcakes, fried potatoes, eggs, and more.

The Counter Cafe takes pride in being a local and organic business where they can. The lettuce is from Dripping Springs, bread is from New World, the yogurt is White Mountain, eggs from Alexander Farms, meat from Neiman Ranch, and goat cheese from Texas Goat Cheese.

The Counter Cafe is located at 626 N. Lamar across the street from Book People, REI, and Anthropologie in the old G&M Steakhouse location. They are open daily for breakfast and lunch from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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