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Help me Re-Name My Blog

26 January 2009 2,144 views 6 Comments

I’d appreciate it if you would take less than a minute to help me re-name my blog. There is a link to the quick survey below. Please let me know if you have any problems filling it out and THANK YOU!

Click Here to take survey

  • Marcos

    I think I like the current name better.
    Perhaps something that conveys the geographical location of most of the content?

  • Jodi

    Thanks, Marcos. Unfortunately, http://www.foodtouring.com is taken. I was considering http://www.austinfoodtouring.com, which is available, but I don’t want to have to limit myself in case I decide in the future to take it on the road more.

  • Anonymous

    I like the new roster and have voted. A couple thoughts on your new “brand”:

    This blog is mostly about eating, and Austin. It’s occasionally about touring/travel, and cooking, and chefs, etc. But it’s always about you — your personality, adventures, passions etc.

    I think the new name should reflect all that — more you, more personality. Jodilicious? Jodicurean? Jod Appétit? JodEATS? Apron Adventures? You get what I’m saying.

  • Jodi

    Thanks to the 70 or so voters who participated in the survey. Here is the ranking:

    1. TastyTouring
    2. TummyTrek and FlavorAdventures
    3. FoodLoversTour
    4. mmmTouring

    Interestingly, Tummy Trek was the most polarizing choice (you either loved it or hated it).

    FoodTouring.net is available even though FoodTouring.com isn’t. Do you think .net addresses are terrible?

    Another option I kind of like that was suggested is UrbanFoodTour.com.

    Some of you suggested using “Austin” or “Jodi” in the name but I didn’t want to limit myself that way. Any additional thoughts?

  • Jami

    Here is my attempt at brainstorming:


  • Jodi

    Tasty Touring it is!