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Fancy Smores

28 January 2009 3,206 views 2 Comments

Laura from Laura’s Candy sweetly sent me some artisanal marshmallows and graham crackers to sample for the blog. I learned about this Minnesota-based small business through Josh Frank, co-owner of La-Dee-Dah, a South Austin Airstream trailer business featuring sustainable art and gifts.

La-Dee-Dah has opened a snack window on one end called Treat, featuring flavored popcorn, LovePuppies brownies, Tempt chocolate, the gourmet s’mores, and a wide variety of beverages including $1 coffee. I hope you will join me there on Friday, Feb. 13 for the Burning Love pre-Valentine’s Day event.

ingredients_001On Saturday, Adam and I were invited to our friend Aaron and Erin’s house for dinner and we decided to bring the Laura’s Candy s’mores. They have a great place out in the Hill Country and can build a campfire on their property. Since it was cold that night and the fireplace was going strong, we decided to use fondue skewers and make them inside.

There were seven of us so we were able to try all of the fancy marshmallows Laura sent including dark chocolate, amaretto, chocomint, real raspberry, mandarin orange, lavender lemon, butterscotch, key lime, peppermint and real lemon.

Laura’s marshmallows are different than regular marshmallows in that they are larger, square, and feature an iridescence and swirl of color, or in the case of chocolate, an outer layer of powdered cocoa.

marshmallow firingLaura’s graham crackers are thicker and tastier than Honey Maid graham crackers and come stamped with messages. These were for Valentine’s Day so they had hearts on them and said “Love.”

The Valentine’s Day S’more Kit came with a 56% semi-sweet bar of Valrhona chocolate, 8 graham crackers, and 8 peppermint marshmallows. We also brought a bar of milk chocolate Hershey’s and another bar with 70% cocoa.

peppermintlovesmoresThe chocolate marshmallows burned a bit in the fireplace but the others worked well. In terms of the s’mores, we liked the dark chocolate, peppermint, raspberry, and the chocomint. Some of the other flavors were good but might not make sense with s’mores and others were decent but the flavors weren’t strong enough to stand up to graham crackers and chocolate.

While Laura’s graham crackers were delicious, the Honey Maid’s actually worked better in a s’more and broke up less. That said, I finished off the leftover Laura’s grahams today for lunch with peanut butter and jam and they were scrumptious.

Next time, I’d be interested in trying Laura’s recipe for Elegant Party S’mores made in the oven. She also suggests using vanilla or another mild marshmallow as an alternative topping to sweet potato casserole.

mmmMarshmallow, hot cocoa, and s’mores lovers can order Laura’s products on her website. You can buy one type of eight marshmallows for $5 or $6.50 (depending on packaging), eight graham crackers for $6.50, a S’mores kit for $20-$23 (depending on type of chocolate), regular or peppermint hot cocoa mix for $14, a single marshmallow for $0.90, or bulk marshmallows in one flavor for $0.50 each.

The marshmallows are good for 8-10 weeks after they’re shipped out, but they can be frozen for up to 9 months.

Laura’s Candy is available at various locations nationwide as well as by mail-order.

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  • Mike S

    You know how when you have a meal that’s so good, you can physically recall its taste for days afterwards? That’s what I got from those peppermint smores. Mmmm good.

  • Mom

    Yummy and delicous!! This looks like so much fun. I wish I was in Austin on the 13th. It will be a great evening.