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South Austin Airstream Trailer Tour

27 December 2008 4,625 views 8 Comments

Since the blog is called “food touring,” it seems silly that I’ve written over 90 posts since July but have not provided you guys with a proper food tour. I’m about to remedy that with the first ever “South Austin Airstream Trailer Tour.”

If you’re interested, please meet me at Flip Happy Crepes in South Austin on Saturday, Jan. 10 at 11 a.m. Note new date! I’m probably going to be riding my bike and I hope you do too!
We’ll share a delicious selection of sweet and savory crepes and talk about New Years resolutions, our crazy families, and how lucky we are to live in a town where there are at least four airstream-based businesses less than 2.5 miles from each other.

fliphappy Next, we’ll head due south to La-Dee-Dah, the very-first retail space in an airstream trailer in Texas. The store is owned by Josh Frank and Lauren Dolinsky, who recently bought and renovated the 1964 trailer into a store, lounge, office, napping area, and will soon begin selling prepared foods out of the front window!

John Kelso recently wrote a cute blog posting about the biz and I visited today with my mom and ended up buying a peacock headband, beautiful necklace, a quirky holiday gift, and a t-shirt. To shop online or get an idea of the kinds of things they have in the store, check out their website.ladeedah Our final stop will be at the Hey Cupcake trailer on South Congress. If you read an earlier posting, you know that they serve Celeste’s Best, these amazing vegan cupcakes that are among my favorite. They also have traditional cupcakes for you purists.

heycupcake1 If it were summertime, I’d definitely add in a dip in Barton Springs and a snow-cup at Molly’s to cleanse the palate but I think three trailers is enough for this first food touring venture.

For your Mapquest/GoogleMaps Needs (all are in Austin TX 78704):
Flip Happy Crepes: 400 Jessie Street
La-Dee-Dah: 1207 S 1st Street Austin
Hey Cupcake: 1600 Congress Avenue
Molly’s Sno-Cups: 1207 S 1st Street
mcc_noshirtI hope to see you next Saturday! Feel free to RSVP in the comments section below. We’ll get started at around 11 and then head to the other spots at our leisure.
Mr. “I love Austin and Airstream Trailers” might even join us. Anything is possible on the Internet, right?!
Since the trailers are all outdoors, well-behaved dogs, kids, moms, dads, and grads are all welcome to partake and enjoy.
Tour on.

And here is a map:

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  • Brandon

    Barton Springs just may be open, since the weather is screwy and all. This is a great idea, Jodi. I’m a little jealous that I didn’t come up with it, first.

  • Linda

    I only wish I was still going to be here for this airstream tour. What fun this will be!! You will love Josh’s store.There are so many cute things to buy!! The airstream concept is just too cool and so very Austin!. Enjoy everyone!!

  • Anna

    I might try to meet up with you guys at the Cupcake trailer. I keep meaning to try it, but what happens is I go into Homeslice and come out too full for cupcakes.

  • Anonymous

    oh I so wish I was there!!! Sounds like so much fun. ENJOY

  • ocdme

    I’ve been to the Crepe and Cupcake trailers–YUM!! But if MM is going to join you, I might have to drive up to Austin for this momentous occasion!

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    it looks like a one fun party…

  • http://www.jrconsumer.com/ RV Ratings

    it looks like a one fun party…

  • http://www.jrconsumer.com/ RV Ratings

    it looks like a one fun party…