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Enjoy Your Puppy Responsibly

8 December 2008 1,788 views 8 Comments

Nothing is more adorable than a tiny, awkward puppy peeking out of a festively wrapped gift box under a Christmas tree. Of course, real puppies come with years of responsibility, messes to clean, and whopping vet bills.

brownie boxWhy not surprise your sweetie this year with a dozen LovePuppies Brownies? The delivery is free, the brownies are rich and delicious, and the experience is pure pleasure.

I learned about LovePuppies through a recent post by Austin food blogger Laetitia of The French Fork.

The brownies are currently available for delivery and mail order and come in four flavors.

I enlisted some chocolate-loving girlfriends to help with the tasting. We unanimously loved the Peanut Butter Nutcase. It tastes just like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, but better. Runner up was Make Mine a Double Chocolate.

I enjoyed You Mocha Me Crazy but others felt that the espresso beans tasted stale. None were big fans of the Hunka Hunka Burning Love. I would prefer to notice the rich chocolate first followed by a mellow and slowly spreading heat.

browniesLovePuppies are not yet available in stores but you can e-mail your order to joel@lovepuppiesbrownies.com. Current pricing is very reasonable — especially if you forgo the packaging:

$28 – 1 dozen mixed brownies, individually packaged, in a gift box (see above photo)
$16 – 1 dozen mixed brownies, no packaging, in a tin

Joel doesn’t currently charge for delivery in Central Austin and can have them in your hands within 24 hours. For the sake of comparison, Tiff’s Treats runs about $13 for a dozen to the same delivery area. Tiff’s come hot out of the oven, in a plain white box with tissue paper separating the different flavors. At $16, LovePuppies is definitely worth a try for Tiff’s lovers. You’ll have to heat ‘em up yourself though.

What are your favorite brownies in Austin? Do you think Mary Louise Butters is the bees knees or would you run a marathon for Miles of Chocolate? As always, I’d love to hear what you think!

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  • Anonymous

    I was lucky enough to be one of the ‘taste test ladies’ and although I’m not a brownie lover, anything mixed with Peanut Butter and chocolate is a winner. I would also be interested in something sweet mixed in such as dried cherries. -Christine

  • Anonymous

    I loved tasting the brownies. The Make Mine a Double Chocolate was absolutely decadent! What I like about these brownies is that they are easy and fun to share. And, after all, sharing is caring. Melissa

  • Jodi

    Today was a sad day. Normally, I don’t turn to food for comfort but I must say that I felt compelled into the kitchen today and enjoyed an entire peanut butter brownie. I’m going to get rid of the rest of the brownies stat!

  • Brandon

    I want my brownies!

  • Rachel

    Miles of Chocolate is AMAZING! And, Miles is great.

  • Katie

    i loooooove Mary Louise Butters and Miles o Chocolate. Then again I also like brownies from a box of Ghiradelli mix, so don’t listen to me.

  • double tonic

    I’m a big fan of Miles, and he’s a great guy indeed. My lil’ sister used to hang out with him regularly, and every now and then she’d come home with a huge block of MoC. I love it frozen, cut into small squares, with a fresh raspberry per square.

    I can’t wait to try Love Puppies. The box is adorable, and I’m a sad sucker for good packaging.

  • Jodi

    Fun Fact: Gift-wrapping is especially important in Japanese culture — an old saying from the Japanese is “Paper is the mirror of the soul” — and it’s believed nature and the spirit to be united because the manner in which you wrap and tie an object carries an intrinsic symbolic message.