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Austin’s Soup Peddler on Cassoulet

23 December 2008 2,164 views 3 Comments

You gotta appreciate a person who is so dedicated to culinary exploration that he will gladly spend two days creating just one dish. David Ansel is such a man.

You might know David as the Austin Soup Peddler, who is a wonderful father to one of my favorite babies ever, sweet Mia. He is also a writer, author of The Soup Peddler’s Slow and Difficult Soups.

The cassoulet came about because some hunters David knows were emptying their freezers and he offered to create a mouth-watering final resting place for their Louisiana wild ducks and Texas Hill Country smoked deer sausage.

He recently shared the experience with readers of The Wine & Food Foundation of Texas’ newsletter. Click on the photo below for the article and scroll down to view a slideshow of the cooking process. Respect.


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  • rachf

    I had the pleasure of enjoying this dish and it’s AMAZING!!! Love the Soup Peddler.

  • Laetitia

    Me too, I tried it once and it really was fantastic!!!

  • Adam

    Sadly, I have not yet tried this decadent and delicious sounding dish… wink, wink, salivating, kneeling, desperate groveling, wink, wink… ;-)