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4 December 2008 1,123 views 4 Comments

I just wanted to write a short note to thank you guys for taking a few minutes out of your day to check out my blog. In the four months I’ve been posting, I have gotten such pleasure out of combining my passion for food, new experiences, photography, and communication into a wonderful hobby.

starawardIt means the world to me that you read it and thanks also for letting me know. It can get lonely here in cyber-space.
Your comments on the blog are so much fun — I love reading all of your positive, negative, silly, loving, and informative additions to the conversation.

I’m really blessed to be surrounded by a community of smart, fun, interested, and all-around awesome people!

And, you are so good looking!
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  • Jillian

    As you know, I am not comfortable “blog commenting.” However, I will agree with you: We are good looking. Love your blog … xo

  • double tonic

    I’m probably a little *too* comfortable commenting ;-)

    You keep writing; we’ll keep reading!

  • Rachel

    love your blog, jodward! keep it up. how about planning a food tour where your bloggers can meet you somewhere? then you’ll find out who your readership is. . .for example: “who wants to meet on march 9 (I might be in Austin then) at Wildfire in Georgetown or. . .REALLY plan a food touring excursion and have a food tour weekend getaway retreat in another state?!? sign me up!

  • Jodi

    Rachel – I actually love that idea.