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Tis the Season for Potluck

23 November 2008 1,594 views 3 Comments

martiniOver the past three days I’ve been to three potluck events. Somehow I was able to get away with only making one dish, Roasted Jeweled Vegetables, and those ingredients cost me only $13. Those root vegetables were so bountiful that they provided for our FH-Austin Thanksgiving lunch and for my second monthly potluck shabbat.

Yesterday morning I woke up bright and early to fly home to Maryland for a week-long holiday. My dear friend Rachel invited me over to a potluck dinner at her mom’s place and told me to bring fruit. So, I emailed my mom and asked her to put together a plate for dessert — ah, the wonders of reverting back to being a child!
It was a lovely, warm dinner party and I had the opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones. Rachel made her mother’s delicious Chicken Kiev and kugel. Scott schlepped ingredients for martinis on the metro ride from D.C. — he had gin, a shaker, plastic martini glasses, olives, and skewers. I ordered my martini “dirty” — just because I like ordering it that way. And, it reminds me of Christine.
cupcakesOther highlights food-wise were the wonderful salad with Annie’s Goddess dressing, cranberries and nuts; Ashley’s green beans with slivered almonds, Jonas’ lasagna, and the fun and fanciful treats that Rebecca brought from Hello Cupcake.
It was great to see old friends — Lindsay, Rebecca, Ashley, Rachel, and Catherine all graduated from Churchill in ’96. Amazing to think that it’s been over 12 years.
Oshrat brought her funny and sweet fiance Moshe — along with her brother and another friend from Israel. We all can’t wait to celebrate their marriage in Israel next summer. There was a lot to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to.
Marcia’s Chicken Kiev
kievPound down boneless chicken breasts until they submit to your will. Dip the chicken into melted butter and cover with seasoned bread crumbs on both sides. Add 1 T. of Stove Top stuffing (or other stuffing but personally, I think stove top beats all other stuffing — including homemade).
Roll the chicken around the stuffing like you would a yoga mat. Place in a glass dish with apple juice up to 1 inch, cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Take the foil off and scatter chopped green scallions on top.
Cook uncovered for another 1/2 hour – place on the top shelf for the final 15 minutes to brown and caramelize. Stop by the oven every so often during cooking time to baste the rolled chicken in the juice.
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  • halley claire

    Jodi ~ didn’t know you had a blog!! Totally cool. (your facebook status led me here) I am becoming obsessed with blogs, mainly because the job I just got has me working with bloggers to help promote products through word of mouth. So, if we ever get a food client…I will keep you in mind! Anyways, thanks for planning another successful potluck Shabbat! I forget how great ‘celebrating’ Shabbat is. And I might have to try making that chicken kiev.

  • Brandon

    How’d you get so pot lucky? That chicken kiev looks and sounds amazing. Any chance you can make it for dinner, sometime?

  • Jodi

    Rachel’s Viennese Noodle Pudding (aka Kugel)

    Boil 1/2 lb wide noodles then mix with 1 lb cottage cheese, 1 pt sour cream, 1/4 lb butter, 1/3 cup sugar, 1/2 cup plumped raisins (optional- i don’t include them). Mix or leave overnight in a greased oblong pan 13 1/2 X 9 in refrigerator. When read to bake, heat over to 350.
    Pour over mixture 6 eggs beaten lightly, 1/3 cup sugar, 1 tsp vanilla and 1 tsp orange juice or almond extract.
    Sprinkle over top– 1 TB corn flake crumbs, a sprinkle of cinnamon, 1/4 cup slivered almonds.
    Bake 55 – 60 minutes or until brown. Let stand to set (10 minutes). Cut, serve and enjoy!