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Skip Mulberry. Go to Malaga Instead.

18 November 2008 1,347 views 2 Comments
sign beforeWhen I moved to Austin a little over five years ago from NYC I had a feeling shared by many who have adopted this city as home. I fell in love with the unique charms, people, and magic of this place and didn’t want anyone else to move here and change it! That is how I feel about Mulberry — a shoebox sized, beautifully designed wine bar with a mouth-watering menu to match an extensive list of wines by the glass or bottle.

sceneSo if you don’t mind, go to Malaga — and leave Mulberry to me.

The funny thing is that I’m pretty sure Mulberry was off its game for a Monday night. While every seat at the bar was filled (there are no actual tables here), they were out of the two things on the menu that I really wanted to try — the butternut squash agnolotti and the meatballs in a white wine and lemon broth. I had actually really wanted to try the lamb agnolotti that was recommended by Laura K. on dishola but that wasn’t even on the menu. I’m guessing they source their lamb from the same place as the Whip-In.
My dining companion Jeffrey and I ordered a bottle of red wine — Jeffrey if you recall what it was, can you add to the comments section? — and shared a sampling of some of the menu yumminess. This included Fegatini, Crostini anoystersd Vanilla Brandy Raisins (sinfully delicious chicken liver pate) and Coppa, Gorgonzola, Crostini, Honey (heaven on a plate). We ordered two of the main dishes as well — Roasted Oysters with Spinach, Pancetta and Parmesan (reminded me of the baked oysters I ate in Chile) and a maple-glazed Pork Chop with Roasted Potatoes and Spinach. I’m always disappointed when I eat pork chops because I love lamb chops and for some reason, expect that they are going to taste the same.

Anyway, the menu includes a fun assortment of snacks, oysters, cheeses and meats, pressed sandwiches, salads, entrees and desserts.

chefappWe had the Chocolate Budino for dessert which is a dense chocolate-espresso mousse served with homemade whipped cream. It was good and I ate every last bite but next time I want to go for the sorbet tasting which I have heard is wonderful.

Mulberry is the kind of place where everybody knows your name — the two bartendresses were adorable and sweet, the chef came out to talk with us in person twice, and we saw friends on the other side of the bar and ended up chatting with them about the photo shoot they directed earlier in the day to promote their gorgeous modular home designs.

Bottles of wine are 20 percent off on Monday nights and Mulberry is open seven days a week for dinner and for brunch on weekends.

I’ll be back to visit Mulberry soon but I hope you don’t go there. And don’t tell your friends about it either.
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  • Brandon

    You haven’t mentioned Brandon in your recent blogs. Does he not like these slices of heaven, you describe?

  • Jeffrey

    Other than the fabulous dinner companion the meal was very good. Crostini’s could have been drizzled with honey which would have made them less messy. Baked oysters were especially good. I did not confuse pork chop for lamb chop and was very happy with the choice. Often pork chops tend come out a bit to dry but this one was cooked perfectly. Too bad it took 40 minutes to get it.