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M.E. Swing Coffee

24 November 2008 1,449 views 3 Comments

coffeeRachel took me to Swing’s coffee near the Corcoran today. They have been roasting fresh coffee in D.C. since 1916. Rachel ordered a latte and a molasses ginger cookie. I had a bite of that cookie and it was tasty.

While we were waiting we started chatting with the baristas – Shane and Abdi were especially friendly! When they found out I have a food blog, they offered me a complimentary latte so they could show off their artistic foam decorations. While I “usually never have a second cup of coffee,” I gladly accepted their offer.

Abdi has been training Shane and they specialize in 1-3 hearts out of foam, flowers, and beautiful swirls. I hope they enter a contest to show off their skills one day — both have true talent!

I’d like to share a quote posted on the wall from the 19th Century French diplomat Talleyrand:

It Must be Pure as an Angel
Strong as Love
Black as the Devil
And Hot as Hell


I’ll also take the opportunity to post that there is a restaurant in D.C. called Off The Record: Washington’s Place to be seen, but not heard. I wonder if Deep Throat ever drank there. Can any of you D.C. area wonks give me the low down on this spot?

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  • Brandon

    Off The Record sounds like a great place to have a silent disco happy hour. Don’t know about the silent disco? Between you and me… I think it’s the next big thing. But that’s, how you say… off the record.

  • rachf

    Jod, what a fun DC day! And, I’m super impressed that you found Cowgirl Creamery. I love being and eating with you.

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