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Hey Cupcake

5 November 2008 2,052 views 6 Comments

heycupcakeBrandon and I celebrated Obama’s win a couple hours before it was actually called by checking out Hey Cupcake, the airstream trailor stand on South Congress Avenue.

Lucy was extremely happy with the customer service because they provided her with homemade, organic, peanut-butter flavor dog treats. She even showed off her favorite trick and jumped up to the window to give the cupcake man a high five. The owner tells me that someone on staff bakes those dog treats and brings ‘em in for the customers dogs. So cool.

We decided to split two cupcakes and a small milk and settled on a red velvet with a cream cheese top and a vegan chocolate and peanut butter cupcake from Celeste’s Best.
Normally I would have scoffed at vegan baked goods but I was curious to try Celeste’s product because I actually met her recently. Strangely enough we struck up a conversation during the record-breaking Thriller dance at the Long Center a couple weeks ago and she gave me her card. I then ran into her again this weekend. Austin is a SMALL world!
The Celeste’s Best cupcake was delicious. I was completely surprised that it was tastier and more moist than the Hey Cupcake one. Both were really good though andbrandonlikescupcakes the carton of milk washed them down nicely. Celeste was a critic’s pick in the Austin Chronicle this year as the “Best Way to Turn a Kid Vegan.” Her goodies are available at the following Austin businesses: Cafe Caffeine, Monkeywrench Bookstore, Spider House, Thunderbird Coffee, Clementine, Progress, Fair Bean, and Hey Cupcake.

According to Celeste, when a product is vegan, it doesn’t contain any ingredients that come from animals. The obvious examples are cow’s milk, eggs, butter, and cheese. Not so obvious ingredients that are not vegan include honey, whey, casein, and anything with lactose.

I’ve written about the amazing Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop in a previous entry and they carry vegan items as well. Has anyone tried those?
Print out this buy one get one free coupon from Hey Cupcake and let me know what you think!
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  • Jordan

    You are the best, Ms. Bart!!

  • bradmays

    Man, I’m starting to regret finding your blog. It makes me miss Austin. Dogs, cupcakes, thriller dances at the long center and vegans – it’s a strange and wonderful world you live in, and I miss it. Hope to be back in the next few weeks. Until then, keep eating.

  • Anonymous

    Jodi, you’re making me Hungry. All your food entries sound delicious. I’m still trying to find my way over to flip-happy crepes. I’m craving something sweet! Melissa J.

  • Anonymous

    Yummy cupcakes, but I have to say, I loved the Thriller videos the best. Were you in the one in Austin. Such great moves! Love,

  • Anonymous

    hey cupcake, love this blog entry! you know my feelings re: the traditional cupcake.


  • Brittney

    Must. Have. Cupcake!!!


    Must. Have. Cupcake. With. Jodi!!!