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Chicken Paprikash

27 November 2008 2,107 views 4 Comments

chickenpaprikashMy Nagymama is a great cook. She made the BEST Chicken Paprikash with mushroom rice when I was growing up. She doesn’t cook now so my mom makes the recipe occasionally.

I have to give credit to my mother — Nagymama is dad’s mother and my mom takes care of her like they are related by blood. It’s really amazing and I don’t know anyone else who would be so patient and loving to someone else’s mother (especially one who can be as stubborn as Nagymama).

Here is the recipe for all you Hungarian wannabes:

Cut one whole chicken into pieces. Be sure to cut breasts in half. Add kosher salt and black pepper to taste. Chop 1 medium onion into fine pieces.

In large frying pan, put olive oil in to cover bottom of the pan. Fry onions until golden. Add good paprika…about 4 tablespoons. Stir for a couple of minutes. Add pieces of chicken. Fry on high for a couple of minutes. Turn periodically.

paprikashmealAdd a quartered tomato and quartered green pepper. Cook on medium heat for about 30 minutes, covered. Serve with white rice that you have added fried mushrooms and fried onions.

Take fresh green beans and cut of the tips. Microwave them in a little bit of water for 3-4 minutes. Saute slivered almonds in butter. Add green beans.

Enjoy with your Hungarian-Canadian-American family. If you’re lucky, dessert is a trio of ice creams picked up from the grocery store.

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  • Brandon

    I’m torn between this one and the Kiev. Guess you’ll have to make both for me. Does Nagymama have any recipes for turkey? Not the country.

  • Dana (AKA your wanna-be sister)

    As a non-Hungarian wanna-be (still your sister wanna-be), I would like to say that Linda Bart makes a delicious chicken paprikash. Now that being said, I haven’t actually eaten a chicken paprikash made by Linda Bart, but if it’s anything like her pies…I’m in!

  • Linda

    Jodi gives me too much credit…nothing tasted as good as the original Nagymama’s recipe for Chicken Paprikash. It was so delicious and the best part was that I was the guest and was served. She never let me help her cook and I was not even allowed to clean up. The good old days!! lOve, Mom

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