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Am I Preppy Enough?

18 November 2008 1,190 views 2 Comments

Growing up in the suburbs, I was always keenly aware of “city kids” who were so much more sophisticated, had way more life experience than I did. I am now 30 and the city kid featured in this New York Times article is 12. He’s a better restaurant reviewer than me. He owns a cable-knit sweater vest. And to top it all off, he gets free desserts just for showing up. Humph. Click on the photo below for the complete disturbing/adorable story:


  • Brittany

    This article is CRAZY! And it’s also crazy that I’m somehow managing to be jealous of a twelve-year-old. Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Chance

    I guess I shouldn’t be upset and should be congratulatory that a 12 year old is so successful at this but then again I am human and am exuding jealousy.

    Also, on your, “to tour” list you need to add Zoot, Wink’s sister restaurant. You need to go to Wink for sure. And I have heard that Olivia (new in town) is the place to go.