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The Best Gelato in Austin

13 October 2008 2,144 views 13 Comments

teologo …is at Teo on 38th Street, no contest. I was first introduced to Teo by Sara Ballon, who turned me on to their refreshing pineapple sorbetto. Since then, I’ve gone back to Teo as often as once a week (or more) to get my fix. Usually, I have a hard time resisting their organic peanut butter and nutella but you can’t really go wrong. Best part, gelato is slightly better for you than ice cream so there’s less guilt!

I was surprised to see that they haven’t won best gelato in the Austin Chronicle since 2006 but those gelatocasecontests are rigged anyway. Another recommendation is their wonderful coffee drinks. Until I tried the lattes at my neighborhood coffeeshop, Caffe Medici, I thought Teo had the best brew. If you have a craving, try a scoop each of Mexican vanilla and coffee gelati with a shot of espresso poured over top.
teo_001This weekend, Jami and I stopped off at Teo after a three hour dance workshop. I ordered a small cup with pineapple and raspberry and she had vanilla and pineapple. We ate in happy silence.
Print out a bunch of limited time “you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” coupons and check out the gelato and/or coffee drinks at Teo with a loved one — maybe me!
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  • Conner

    No doy. Jessica tooke me there like 10 years ago and it was awesome! Welcome aboard. Hey oh!

  • Jannie Funster

    Agreed! I’m in Austin too. I like the mixed fruit one.

  • Lindsay

    In college I worked at the coffee shop in the alumni center, Texas Expresso, and we served Teo gelato which was sooo good. They don’t serve it anymore, unfortunately, so now I go to Teo for my fix :)

  • Lisa

    I’m going to have to disagree respectfully. I enjoy Teo, but I think the best gelato is at Mandola’s. Teo has fancier options, like the gelato cookie sandwich, but Mandola’s has the best flavor profile IMO.

    Of course, Esotico in Westlake has amazing flavors, but they are too far away for a midweek evening fix.

  • Adam Norwood

    It was a dark day when Texas Expresso stopped serving Teo’s gelato. It was one of the better hidden secrets of UT dining (a little too hidden, I guess).

  • Jordan

    Woah, this some cool post! Thanks for the free gelato, Jodi ;-)

  • Jodi

    Lisa, I recently did visit Mandola’s and enjoyed their Gelato. However, for me, Teo continues to be #1.

    You’ll have to take me on a field trip to Esotico sometime!

  • Jami

    Can you pack and ship some Teo to San Francisco?!

  • Sara Ballon

    I love the shout out in your blog! I MISS Teo!!!!!! Haven’t found good ice cream or gelato here yet…but in Paraty they have these self serve by the the kilo places everywhere. You get a scooper, scoop however much you want, weigh it, and pay. It’s pretty awesome. And delicious. Oh, and the rum raisin is REALLY good here…I don’t know why!

  • Anonymous

    Yay for Teo! I have to say that I like Pacciugo as much (but maybe I favor Pacciugo b/c I go during work sometimes and I’m just happy to be out of the office?). I think each has its own exemplary flavors. If you try Pacciugo, I HIGHLY recommend the three vanilla gelato — it tastes just like a milkshake. Also, the owner takes great pride in the fact that they import their milk from Italy, which is pretty cute.


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