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Jason’s Deli – Texas Born ‘n Bread

21 October 2008 1,966 views 5 Comments

bageliniLast night Daniel very sweetly treated me to dinner at Jason’s Deli, where he is director of eMarketing and PR. We chatted with his boss (and step brother) Lee Greer, the chief marketing officer, about restaurants, food, marketing and PR. I was in heaven!

Daniel and I split the Bagelini, a hot pressed turkey sandwich with provolone, homemade guacamole, lettuce, tomato, onion, and peppers. That came with blue corn chips and fresh homemade salsa that rivals the delicious salsa served at Texas French Bread. He also let me try the Ciabatta-Bing! which is a turkey sandwich with similar fixins as the bagelini but served on organic whole wheat ciabatta. On the side we had steamed veggies.
I had no idea that Jason’s had so many healthy choices. They were one of the first nationwide restaurant groups to put the kabosh on artificial trans fats and MSG. They offer complete nutritional information for 10 healthier items on the menu. They also print right on the menu that they are happy to make half sandwiches or reduced portion potatoes. Diners trying to reduce their calorie intake or with special food needs would feel very comfortable ordering exactly what they want.
IMG_4471 Jason’s is a family-owned business that was started in Beaumont (outside of Houston) in the mid-1970′s. While they now have 200 restaurants in 12 cities nationwide they have been able to keep the family-feel. The bagelini was actually created by one of the deli staff members as part of a menu contest. The employee received a cash award and credit for the creation on the specials board in each restaurant. What a great way to foster a sense of ownership and pride among the employees.
Daniel has named me Chief *Thriller* on “The Official Jason’s Deli Fan Club” on Facebook. I’m not sure what that means but I will do everything in my power to thrill. For the MJ fans out there: Rock on, rock on, rock on, rock on!
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  • Anonymous

    These sandwiches sound yummy. When I come for my visit to Austin, I hope you will take me there. I know we will have many choices of places to eat. Love, Mom

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to try the bagelini. The picture looks awesome. And for the Thrillers out there… Air guitar to the right!


  • Lee Greer


    You are very kind. It was great meeting you and talking Austin food. I met Ron Weiss today, Operating Partner at Jeffrey’s. Adam Butler introduced us at our Westlake deli while he was waiting to meet is mother and daughter for lunch. Have you dined at Jeffrey’s? I have, on good intel, that it is one of the better fine dining restaurants in Austin.

    Keep up the blogging and give us your honest opinion on other menu items. We need suggestions and challenges from our guests to continue the evolution of our menu.

    All the best,

    Lee Greer
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Jason’s Deli

  • Anonymous

    I tried that bagelini. It’s very greasy and not healthy at all. I was quite disappointed. Try other stuff when you want Jason’s Deli.

    Silky Wong, Sugar Land, TX

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I heard a rumor that Jason’s is coming to Dublin, Ohio and in the process is trying to muscle an existing small restaurant (named “Jason’s”) out of the way, it that true?