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Four Ounces of Heaven

26 October 2008 2,616 views 6 Comments

icecream Thanks to cousin Jami, a new frozen treat has entered my life. It’s called Brazos Supreme Ice Cream and it’s fresh goat milk ice cream produced by Wateroak Farm (Texas) from fresh dairy. There are three base flavors, vanilla, chocolate and coffee from which are derived the 50 or so flavors.

Today at Fresh Plus, my neighborhood grocery store, it seemed like there were no duplicates among the dozens of 4 oz. ice cream containers in stock. There was Eggnog, Java Jolt, Cafe Vienna, Mocha Almond Fudge, Butter Rum, Key Lime Pie, Peanut Butter, Lemon Blueberry, Vanilla, Creme de Menthe, Cherry Walnut, Snickerdoodle, etc.
I tried Caramel Pecan Coffee and Mint Chocolate Chip….mmmmmmm!
In Austin, most upscale and specialty grocery stores sell this ice cream. I have bought it at Whole Foods and Farm to Market Grocery. It also may be available at some Whole Foods outside of Austin.goats
A couple years ago Jessica and I took a road trip to the family-owned Pure Luck Farm and Dairy. They sell my absolute favorite goat cheese and one that is used by many local restaurants as well. Their award-winning cheeses are wonderful and it was great to see the operation in person. I even got to milk one of the does which was really fun!
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  • Rachel

    Not only is their ice cream ridiculously yummy, but Wateroak Farms also makes the best goat yogurt for use in smoothies. It has a mild flavor and it is pretty thin, so it blends up perfectly. I get it at Boggy Creek Farm or Whole Foods, and use it in my breakfast smoothie every morning:)

  • Conner

    Every time I hear someone talk about goat anything I think of the John Candy (RIP) movie, The Great Outdoors.

    Wife: Come downstairs, Roman is making a goat cheese pizza.
    JC: A what?
    Wife: A cheese pizza.
    JC: No, no, no, I heard a goat in there…

  • Jodi

    What’s better for you — ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, italian ice, goat milk ice cream? The bottom line is that each one is different. The two goat milk ice cream’s that I tried had about 15 grams of fat and 250 or so calories. Well worth it for a once in a while treat if you ask me!

  • Laura

    If you’re looking for the best tasting goat’s milk ice cream you must try Laloo’s. They had it in Austin for a while, I think Whole Foods has it. It is so creamy, much richer than the Wateroak one AND it’s also low fat, I think only 7 grams of fat. How’s that?! The deep chocolate is divine.

  • Jami

    Yay for Goat Milk ice cream! I had the strawberry and loved it (So did Lucy)

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