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Wishing You a Sweet New Year

30 September 2008 1,827 views 2 Comments

IMG_4287 L’Shana Tova to all of my fellow tribe members and a sweet New Year to All! Last night I enjoyed Rosh Hashanah dinner at Dave and Meredith’s. Their home is filled with such warmth and love and last night was especially cozy. They have so many people in their lives that they decided not to host a big Rosh Hashanah dinner like they often do. I had invited myself over as did Brian H. and Brian S. so it was a small group of us who rang in the New Year together. We began the evening playing with darling Mia and watching her crawl and explore her world. David played piano and we sang along to those we knew — Rachel’s beautiful voice was deeply missed.

I brought an assortment of apples, round challot, and honey to start the New Year off right. At Rosh Hashanah we eat round challahs instead of braided to symbolize wholeness and one was raisin to symbolize sweetness. The apples and honey are enjoyed for the same reasons. We sampled a trio of honey — Greek honey from my trip, cinnamon honey from Colorado (thanks Brooke!), and lavender. Everyone loved the Greek honey and Meredith enjoyed the cinnamon but felt it was more of a “dessert” honey. The lavender was too strong for me — I likened it to beer with lots of hops. David was digging into it though.

We went around and talked about the past and future year in homage to Sara B. – who is living in Sao Paolo Brasil and was with us in spirit.

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  • Ben

    Shalom and Happy New Year, my Jewish friends! Tonight we’re going to party like it’s 5770!

    I want to go to Yom Kippur service with someone.

  • Marcos

    My dinner was better than your dinner. Shana Tova!