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It’s All About the Forks

24 September 2008 1,796 views 7 Comments

I have to give a shout-out to Adam, Mike, Brian, John, Mark, June, and Sally — the Friday lunch crew from my previous job at UT Law.

We would go out to lunch every Friday and I took on the role of the Lunch Czar — making sure that everyone had an equal chance to pick where we went. I also devised a fork-based rating system (between 1-5) along with comments and posted the scores on a rudimentary internal site.

Adam sent me the attached screenshot of the very cool updated website. I’m looking forward to joining you guys for Friday lunch some day very soon!

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  • mister sandwich

    Neat. What’s the link to the their Friday Lunch blog?

  • Jodi

    Great question, Mister Sandwich! Unfortunately for us, their website is internal so we can’t access it.

  • Marcos

    That’s an impressive looking website, for an internal site. Why don’t they make it public?

  • Jodi

    I agree with you Marcos. How ’bout it, Adam?

  • Adam Norwood

    Alas, it’s all tied into our employee ID system for access. All credit for its design and implementation goes to Austin Kleon, our very talented web designer. We do keep joking about building it out with more features and tying it into other restaurant review systems for those other offices that love to eat :)

  • mister sandwich

    Free the Forks!

  • Dan-o-mite

    Austin has enough with his poems ;) Since it was done on the clock I say we license it out and use the money to pay for…what else Friday lunches for our department.