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Blue Dahlia – A little gem!

24 September 2008 2,015 views 4 Comments

Fellow food blogger and colleague Lindsay arranged for a group of us to have lunch yesterday at Blue Dahlia — a restaurant on East 11th Street that is part of the cities restoration effort of the area. Thanks to friend and Food Touring reader Lisa for suggesting we go there!

The menu included lots of salads and sandwiches and the setting was really beautiful — both the wooded indoor space and the nice outside patio where we had lunch. Lindsay and I split the chicken salad sandwich with pine nuts and dried cranberries and the brie with walnuts and apricot preserves. As you can see, the sandwiches were served open-faced. The fresh-baked bread was delicious! brie

I ordered an Arnold Palmer (mix of lemonade and iced tea) and we talked about the difference between an Arnold Palmer and a Tom Collins. A Tom Collins is actually an alcoholic drink but not the alcoholic version of the Arnold Palmer.
In other work-related news, I brought in lots of chocolate goodies from the birthday festivities to share with my office-mates and learned that many of them were too young to have seen “Coming to America,” and didn’t get my reference to “sexual chocolate” or “Soul Glo.” It’s a great movie so if you haven’t seen it, go rent it soon.
Also, Blue Dahlia was really good and I want to go back to try their breakfast too.
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  • Lisa

    Oh, you made me feel old! I love Coming to America! This sounds like a great place–can’t wait to try it.

  • Ben


    Best movie ever.

    I have never been to the Blue Dahlia. I have never seen movie the Black Dahlia. There are so many Dahlia-related things I haven’t done…

    But it sounds great!

  • Anonymous

    What a variety of restaurants you have in Austin….not just barbecue, anymore. I loved the clips from the movies. Love you!

  • double tonic

    I love the Blue Dahlia – every time I go, I feel like I’m at a bistro in Europe. I love their bread and the scrumptious jam-and-nutella jars at each table.

    (And I totally get the Coming to America references!)

    Happy New Year!