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Babies are Delicious

12 September 2008 1,506 views 4 Comments

mia_09122008Last night I had the pleasure of babysitting for seven-month-old Mia Ansel, daughter of David and Meredith. I headed over there at about 6:30 p.m. (after picking up the keys to my new apartment — I’m moving today!) to get instructions on how to care for a baby.

I did have an idea of how to change a diaper but I wanted to make sure to learn their routine so that Mia would feel comfortable. After the orientation, they sweetly asked if I had eaten dinner (I hadn’t).

For those who don’t know, David is the owner of a successful local food delivery business, The Soup Peddler. In less than ten minutes, he prepared two delicious bean, guacamole, and cheese soft tacos with a side of roasted vegetables. It was wonderful and I think Mia was a bit jealous after her meal of pureed baby food. She will have many years of delicious meals ahead of her in that household though!

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  • Lindsay

    Oh! Those tacos sound delicious! I’m glad to hear that babysitting went well :) Steak salad here we come!

  • Anonymous

    I think that yummy baby would have satisfied my hunger. Those cute cheeks look delicious. She is a lucky little lady to have such a good cook as her daddy and she was lucky to have you babysit her. Love,mom

  • Rachel

    Mia is such a cutie!

  • Sara Ballon

    I’d eat that baby.