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A Rich 30th Birthday

22 September 2008 1,628 views 4 Comments

cake!Thank you to my amazing friends and family for helping me celebrate my 30th birthday in style! Many of you gave me food-related gifts — the collection of New Yorker food writing, an adorable homemade apron, a gift card to William Sonoma, and a Whole Foods gift certificate for cooking classes. Stay tuned for posts about the classes soon!

A fun group of friends took me to dinner at Titaya’s Thai on N. Lamar last night. I hadn’t been there and it was pretty good–particularly the shrimp summer rolls. I’ll be adding it to my top three Thai restaurants in Austin:

1. Thai Tara – Best food even though the service is terribly slowsexycake

From what I’ve heard, Little Thailand should probably on the list but I haven’t been there yet. Anyone want to go?

After we finished our meal, the staff brought out a rich and delicious chocolate mousse layer cake from Central Market. As I blew out the many candles, I wished for a peaceful year — both for myself and in the world.

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  • Lisa

    Happy birthday! I’m sorry I missed wishing you a good one on the actual day.

  • Adam Norwood

    Hey, we just went to Titaya’s last Friday for our office lunch! It rated 4.5/5 forks. It was my pick — Marsha and I live pretty close to Titaya’s, and we’re glad to have someplace closer than Madam Mam’s to go for good Thai food. Thai Kitchen has some exceptionally tasty dishes, too, but the atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired…

    How do you feel about Thai Passion? It’s one of the less-remembered downtown late night eateries (they’re open until 2:00a.m. on the weekends), and I’ve never had a disappointing meal there. Marsha’s sister is now living in Bangkok, and reports that Thai Passion is the closest to the real thing in Austin, in her opinion. True? Beats me.

    If you’re ever up in Seattle, head immediately to Thai Thom in the University District. Best Thai food I’ve ever had.

  • Lindsay

    Jodi- it sounds like you had an amazing birthday!! I’m always looking to beef up my Thai food repetoire, so I’d love to check out a new place. Hope you enjoy your white chocolate macadamia nut cookie and lunch today!

  • Anonymous

    What a fun and delicious birthday you had. You have some wonderful friends who treated you so special. I love you very much. Love, Mom