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lulu b’s vietnamese sandwiches

5 August 2008 1,881 views 4 Comments

Over the past few years, trailers serving food have popped up all over South Austin. We are used to seeing taco stands all over town but these new trailers are different. They are sleek, hip, and often feature more upscale food.

sign_014On Saturday I went to Iron Rock Raceway with Rick and Bryce to watch them race Go Karts. After over an hour of driving tiny cars around a hot track wearing thick jumpsuits, they were ready to grab a bite to eat. Since they weren’t dressed for indoor dining, we headed over to lulu b’s, a trailer serving Vietnamese food in a shaded spot between Office Depot and a hubcap store on South Lamar.
We arrived just before noon and got in line behind the eight or so people who were already waiting. The menu is simple and includes Vietnamese sandwiches (Banh Mi Thit), vermicelli bowls (Bun Thit), summer rolls (Goi Cuon), smoothies (Sinh To), Vietnamese coffee (Ca Phe), and Bubble Tea.
Vietnamese sandwiches are a rare find so that is what we all ordered. We tried grilled chicken, Chinese barbecue chicken, and Chinese barbecue pork. The sandwiches are marinated and tucked into a toasted baguette under a traditional garnish of daikon (radish), carrot, cucumber, cilantro and chili. They were delicious and were the perfect blend of the Chinese and French influences in Vietnam. The only thing we would change is the baguette — I wanted it to be toastier on the outside with more crunch.


While we were waiting for our food, I went back to the counter to order spring rolls with shrimp. I can never resist the combination of fresh rice paper, sprouts, crunchy vegetables, fresh herbs. Pair that with nuoc cham (chili, garlic, fish sauce) and peanut sauce, and I’m in heaven. These didn’t disappoint and every ingredient played a part in making my mouth happy.


I’d definitely go back to lulu b’s to enjoy more lovingly prepared Vietnamese food. Note that they are open from 12-6 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday and are cash only.
The tag line on their MySpace page is “Looking Caucasian, keeping it Asian.” Not sure what that means but it made me giggle.
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  • Double Tonic

    I love the new blog! And I’m going to hit lulu b’s this weekend.

    You need to try, if you haven’t already, the Brushfire tacos at Torchy’s. They’re an explosion of flavor – the perfect blend of spicy, sweet, crunchy, soft …. They’re perfection.

  • Lindsay

    How cool! I don’t make it down to South Lamar very often, so I’ve missed this new trend. This looks like a great place, and since my Vietnamese food repetoire is rather light, I’d love to check it out. THanks Jodi!

  • Rachel

    Great blog, Jodi! I’m addicted to Lulu B’s lemongrass tofu sandwiches. Delish!

  • terry benaryeh

    great blog, jodi. i am serious sucker for lulu b’s lemongrass tofu springrolls. i eat them 1-2 times a week. yum. i also love their smoothies. you gotta try the food at thai fresh…scrumptious spring rolls…amazing soup and more.