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I finally found a Sugar Mama!

27 August 2008 2,235 views 8 Comments

I think I’m in love! I dropped by Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop today to pick up a 4-pack of their cupcakes — I’d read rave reviews on Yelp and the place has only been open for a week so I felt I owed it to my readers to check the place out ;-)

I picked up a Peanut Butter Cup(cake), Hummingbird, Black and Tan, and Hula to go.

Translation: PB & Chocolate, Pineapple/Banana/Pecan/Cream Cheese Frosting, Guinness Stout cupcake with Irish Cream Cheese Frosting, Coconut cupcake with cream frosting and toasted coconut.cakes

I couldn’t resist myself and I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I am guilty of an EWD (eating while driving). I polished off the Peanut Butter/chocolate while driving to an appointment. The cake…moist and delicious! The frosting…more cream than butter! The chocolate/peanut butter chips on top…so fun! The entire cake — light yet substantial. A cupcake dream :-)

On my way back to the office I surprised lawyer and cupcake connoisseur Ilyse with the Hummingbird. Her take:

Thank you thank you…the cupcake is delish!! I finished it in about 3 seconds!! I loved the frosting the best (which I always do) because it was so rich without being too heavy. Was so yummy that I won’t even curse myself for breaking my no-sweet diet!

Back at the office, Katie was feeling a bit Eeyorish but she immediately brightened when I presented her with the Hula:

This cupcake has been the brightest spot in my day, with its toasted coconut topping, smooth cream cheese icing and moist yellow cake. All the flavors blended so perfectly that I believe this cupcake actually raised my serotonin levels.

The Black and Tan is for April — it’s her birthday today and I’m going to give it to her at our staff meeting. Ssh! Don’t tell her ;-)

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  • Laura

    altough i’m an anti-blogophile, i will say that “eeyorish” was quite endearing.

  • mister sandwich

    You should start a new blog, where you unexpectedly brighten stranger’s days with cupcakes!

  • rachf

    the baker and her husband are super friendly– they even let me in way before they were officially open. tthis morning. they sell cute aprons as well! so, grab some after picking up your order from the soup peddler shop around the corner. (:

  • double tonic

    I can’t wait to check this place out. I drive past it all the time and have never noticed it.

    Tell me it’s better than Hey Cupcake. That place is so disappointing. Their cupcakes are dry, their frosting has a weird aftertaste, and they are way too pricey to boot.

  • Rachel

    I went to Sugarmama’s right when it opened last weekend. Really cute place and creative flavors. Also, the owners have a cute son (sugarbaby?) named Jack who played with my son. However, the French Toast cupcake (maple cupcake and maple cream-cheese frosting) was way to sweet and rich for my taste. At a party a few days later, I tried one of their red velvet cupcakes and it was much better. I hope to go back and give it another try!

  • double tonic

    I made it to Sugar Mama’s, too. Got four different kinds to share wtih my sister on a long road trip. We couldn’t finish them – though we came closer than I’d like to admit! – and I gotta say I was a wee bit disappointed.

    I agree with everyone that the place is adorable, the service is fantastic, and I’d go back to pick up cupcakes on the way to a small get-together or to perk up a heartbroken coworker. They’re cute little pick-me-ups, and I love the concepts behind each one. But the taste … other than the Marilyn Monroe (butter cream frosting and vanilla), the frosting on the others was funky. Too sweet, too strong … too something … and the cupcakes were moist and tasty enough, but nothing impressive.

    Like I said, I’d go back. I’d like to support their efforts. But I hope they think about adjusting a few things.

  • Jodi

    We just had sugar mama’s at work for a birthday snack and mmmm they are still delicious! I tasted the mint chocolate chip and it tasted just like the ice cream!

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