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Blue Star Brings Upscale Comfort Food to Austin

25 August 2008 1,888 views 4 Comments

menu_003This weekend I finally got the chance to check out Blue Star Cafeteria – an upscale diner located at 4800 Burnet Road. I hadn’t heard great things from friends who had been there in the past but we decided to check it out anyway. I went earlier than my friends and hoped to enjoy a vodka soda at the bar. However, this spot is wine and beer only so I went with a crisp white wine instead. This gave me a chance to check out the atmosphere, menu, and clientele. I liked the feel of the place — it reminds me of the restaurant Cafeteria in NYC. The folks eating there were a mix of neighborhood regulars and hipsters. It never got very busy which was nice but made me wonder how they are doing.

pork chopAnyway, the menu looked really good to me and I had a hard time deciding what to get –they had some yummy-looking salads, starters, and a few entrees were calling my name as well. I ended up ordering the pork chop — served with green beans and mac ‘n cheese. The chop was kind of fatty but ok. The winner of the night was Michael who ordered the grilled cheese starter (Imported swiss, provolone, cheddar & gorgonzola cheese, on sourdough served with apple & dried fruit chutney and dijon mustard). He also got a basket of fries to share and they were addictive and delicious. Katie got the crab cakes and Rick had the salmon special.
grilled cheesefries_002For dessert, I ordered a huge carrot cake (just ok) and Rick and Katie each had to have the key lime pie. They are huge fans and loved it. I think it’s Rick’s favorite version of Key Lime Pie in Austin. As a sidenote, we don’t recommend Key Lime Pie from Hyde Park Bar & Grill. It is terrible.
Overall, I’m pretty lukewarm about Blue Star. I’d go there again to try some of the salads and also to order that yummy grilled cheese — the dried fruit chutney was an awesome addition.
key lime pie

UPDATE: I clearly need to give Blue Star another shot — for Happy Hour if I can ever leave work before 6 and for brunch! I’d love to hear more comments/suggestions.

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  • Lindsay

    I actually really enjoy Blue Star- I like their happy hour menu for both food and drink. It’s good proportions and fun beverages for cheap! I’ve also been there for brunch before where it was SUPER busy, and the food was delicious there too. I’d recommend trying it at those times and you might be pleasantly surprised :)

  • Lisa

    Blue Star is one of our favorite places for weekend brunch. We go early (10 is when they open) so we don’t have to fight crowds.

    The cheese grits are super-creamy and delicious, but a bit heavy for morning. The homemade granola is heavenly with vanilla soymilk.

    Paul likes to order a few breakfast “sides” to make a Grand Slam with pancakes, an egg, and some bacon. The pancakes really are first rate.

  • Marcos

    I was there about a month for a late Sunday lunch. I was starving and I wanted to go to Hutts. So I ordered a hamburger.
    It was barely all right and the service super slow, even though at the time the place was pretty empty (3 PM or so). I’d be ok going back but I won’t be the one suggesting it.

  • Sinda

    Jodi – I'm so glad you sent me this link!

    I went to Blue Star a few weeks ago and the service was HORRIBLE – slow & inattentive. I wanted to like it, and may give it another chance, but I was not impressed.

    At any rate, I'm a huge foodie, so I'm adding your site to my feed – thanks!