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BBQ in Lockhart

30 July 2008 3,324 views 5 Comments

photo1_001Since moving to Austin from New York City in 2003, one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday is to take short road trips with friends and check out the amazing food experiences that Texas has to offer. The Salt Lick, in Driftwood — just twenty minutes from Austin – is the gold standard of BBQ for me.

Nothing beats the flavor-packed sausage, freshly baked white bread, and delicious, not too mayonnaisey sides. A couple years ago, when I first moved to Austin, I visited Cooper’s BBQ in Llano.
It was worth the hour and a half drive but I was a novice back then. My then-boyfriend and I ordered pounds upon pounds of food — not realizing what we were doing. In the end, it cost a whopping $60 for the two of us and we enjoyed the leftovers of the Flintstone’s-sized meal for the rest of the week! I remember the three kinds of cobbler were especially yummy.

Last fall, I asked my good friends Ilyse and Rachel to join me for a road trip out to Lockhart to sample some of their famous BBQ. This small town of less than 14,000 has not one but FOUR famous BBQ joints. We resolved to try as many as we could in one afternoon. As we drove into town, we couldn’t miss Kreuz Market (pronounced Krites) looming large on the right side of the road. The ambience was great and the ribs were thick and juicy–the best I’ve ever had.

photo2Our next stop was Smitty’s Market where we ordered our meat in a brick-lined, smoke-filled room. This was half the price and much busier than Kreuz’s, but didn’t erase the memory of those wonderful ribs. We then walked into Black’s BBQ ….and walked right out. It was a cramped, buffet-style spot that seemed to emphasize the entire meal and not just the meat. We were very full at this point and didn’t have the heart to force ourselves to sample anything. We drove a little further out of town to Chisholm Trail BBQ. We couldn’t even think meat by this point, but still found room for hot peach cobbler a la mode!

Approximate distance (in miles):
Austin: 32
San Antonio: 73
Houston: 156

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  • Brittney

    Oh, Llano! When LL and I went there with Cheryl for Lone Star Beer, we thought we might have to roll ourselves away from the table. And I agree with you–the cobbler was the best part!

    However, Cooper’s doesn’t hold a torch to the Salt Lick–in my opinion. The chopped beef sandwich was to DIE for, and I even loved their potato salad–and I hate potato salad! Perhaps the best part of all, Salt Lick is BYOB–I like their style!

    Can’t wait for more, Jodi, and I hope you travel down to Houston sometime soon! I miss you!

  • Jodi

    I agree that Salt Lick is the best BBQ that I have tasted so far. Those sauces, YUM!

  • Lindsay

    Yeah, ditto to everything that Brittney said. But when it comes to Texas BBQ- everyone wins!

  • Howard

    I’m glad you decided to walk out of Black’s. It’s the most advertised joint of the 4 on Lockhart, but my least favorite. Not that it’s horrible or anything, but it ain’t great.

    It kinda reminds me of restaurants in Spain where the guy is standing outside trying to get you in and as soon as the meal comes you realize why the place was empty and the guy is standing outside.

    I think the best bbq around is a few more miles S down 183, in a town called Luling. The Luling City Market has consistently proven to be the best q around. Well worth the extra 15 minutes drive.

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